Ukraine's Competitive Advantage

(And Potentially Yours, Too)

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Mike Armour is a featured headliner on C-Suite Radio

I've used the last two podcasts to explore little-known factors which account for the effectiveness with which the Ukrainians are standing up to the Russian invasion.

Today I look at the ingenuity of the Ukrainians in finding and exploiting weak spots in the way the Russian forces are conducting their offensive.

What is now becoming apparent is that the Ukrainians are demonstrating an amazing ability to learn and adapt much faster than the Russians. Their performance is a real-time example of Peter Senge's argument in The Fifth Discipline that the greatest competitive advantage which companies have at their disposal is to learn faster than their competition.

Senge urged every company to become a "learning organization," a term which he coined. This episode looks at specific examples of how the Ukrainians are putting the "learning organization" concept into practice. They are showing us as leaders and managers the powerful benefit of adopting this strategy ourselves.