Revisiting High-Touch Leadership

Why It's More Essential Than Ever

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Mike Armour is a featured headliner on C-Suite Radio

High-touch leadership promotes worker engagement in a day when pervasive technology can easily leave workers feeling disconnected from one another.

Technology diminishes the number of human interactions necessary to get things done. And it replaces interpersonal conversation as the way to communicate and collaborate.

The resulting loss of interpersonal connection often leads to problems with worker engagement.

Astute leaders and managers counter that tendency by relying on the high-touch strategies espoused by John Naisbitt in his 1982 best-seller Megatrends. He coined the phrase "high tech/high touch" as a catchy slogan to underscore the way that management should respond to a workplace permeated with technology.

Even though Naisbitt first called for high-touch leadership nearly four decades ago, there is even a stronger case for it today. In this episode we revisit his phrase "high tech/high touch" and underscore the urgency of applying high-touch leadership, not merely in a high-tech workplace, but anywhere that worker engagement is weak.