Leadership Development Services

Delivered by Dr. Mike Armour

Upsize Your Leadership is one element of a comprehensive set of leadership development services which Dr. Mike provides through his firm Strategic Leadership Development International (SLDI).

Dr. Mike Armour conducting a leadership training workshop.Initially his company focused exclusively on leadership and executive coaching. But once clients began to see the depth of his expertise, they pressed him to undertake other programs to shore up leadership and management performance in their organization.

Today, more than two decades later, SLDI and Dr. Mike support a broad, comprehensive array of leadership development services. Collectively they comprise what he calls his LeaderPerfect® Resources.

Dr. Mike carefully customizes all LeaderPerfect® offerings to the specific needs of the client. Companies of every size utilize his services — from mom-and-pop startups to Fortune 100 giants.

While he is most widely known for leadership and executive coaching, he maintains a steady stream of engagements built around:

  • mentoring high potential employees
  • communication coaching
  • team-building and team coaching
  • keynote presentations
  • management, leadership, and communication training
  • transforming organizational cultures
  • business consulting
  • strategic planning
  • facilitated decision-making sessions
  • and startup-advising

You will find these offerings described at length on the SLDI website, LeaderPerfect.com.