The Unheralded Leadership Trait

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Mike Armour is a featured headliner on C-Suite Radio

As youngsters, we were reminded time and again by our parents to say, "Thank you." Gratitude is not natural to us as human beings. It has to be learned and nurtured if it is to become a habitual state of mind.

Few dispositions have a greater impact on the quality of our lives than the ability to be grateful. Truly, deeply grateful. And while gratitude is a vital disposition for our personal life, for leaders it is doubly important.

Interestingly, lists of vital leadership traits rarely include gratitude. That's why Dr. Mike refers to it in this episode as the most unheralded leadership quality.

Without gratitude, we tend to become self-centered. Humility inevitably suffers. And humility is a hallmark of truly great leaders.

Not only that, gratitude safeguards us against resentment, as Dr. Mike illustrates powerfully in this episode. Resentment is poisonous. It leads to a host of unhealthy attitudes and outlooks, none of which serve leaders well in connecting with people and inspiring them.

This episode will cause you to put a fresh priority of buttressing your leadership by maintaining an abiding sense of gratitude.