Use the Corona Shutdown to Your Business Advantage

An Interview with Bob McKinnon

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The corona virus shutdown has been particularly disruptive for independent contractors and for men and women who own small or medium-sized businesses. How can this period of forced shutdown be used to a business owners advantage?

To answer that question, I turned to Bob McKinnon, host of and a veteran expert in the leadership of small and medium-sized businesses.

Bob talks about the importance of using this temporary interruption in your business to position yourself for the explosive economic activity which he expects as soon as the shutdown is lifted. This is a time, he says, when you can attend to things which easily get crowded out of your normal day-to-day schedule.

It's a tremendous opportunity to reflect deeply on your overall business. To assess what things are working for you, which ones are not. And to retool your business in terms of your vision, your company strengths, and what he calls your "unfair competitive advantage."