Search Engine Optimization: Help Local Customers Find You on the Web

An Interview with John Vuong

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In my podcasts I occasionally address topics which are not strictly a leadership core competency, but which people in certain leadership roles would find greatly beneficial. That's what I'm dong with this episode.

Today's program aims at the needs of entrepreneurs and business owners who rely on the internet to bring local customers to them. For leaders like this, being able to use search engine optimization (SEO) to maximum advantage is immensely valuable.

My guest, John Vuong, has helped 10,000 business owners in 50 commercial sectors gain search engine dominance in their local market. In this episode he outlines what to keep in mind when considering web marketing. And he offers helpful guidance on finding professionals, should you need them, to assist with your SEO efforts.

John also discusses the distinction between web advertising and web marketing and what you must know and do to make internet marketing successful.

John's company, Local SEO Search, Inc. serves all of North America from its base in Toronto, Canada. John's website is