Tackle the Shutdown with a CEO Mindset

An Interview with Daniel Ramsey

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Mike Armour is a featured headliner on C-Suite Radio

There is hardly a business in America which has not been adversely impacted by the corona virus pandemic. Yet many are learning how to thrive, even while their employees are working remotely for the first time ever.

In this episode Daniel Ramsey shares lessons which he has learned from many of these business leaders who have chosen to tackle the challenges of the COVID-19 shutdown with a CEO's mindset. They are mastering the art of leading teams in a virtual environment, a skill which they never expected to need.

Not only does Daniel relate the lessons which they have learned, he also relates what he has learned as he manages his own team remotely. Toward the end of the episode he offers my listeners a free book entitled Scaling Your Business with Virtual Professionals. To obtain your copy, send a text message to 31996 and include the code: "SVP" in the message.