Eleven Traits of Great Teams

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Mike Armour is a featured headliner on C-Suite Radio

It's fashionable today for managers to refer to their employees as their team, whether the group actually functions as a team or not. That's unfortunate. It blurs what makes authentic teamwork distinctive. It cheapens the meaning of "team.&auot;

As a result, many so-called teams are not really teams, at all. They are simply a collection of individual contributors who happen to work together. They are what we might call workmates or shipmates or officemates. But they are not truly teammates.

True teams — especially exceptional teams — embody certain traits and characteristics. These qualities are always evident, whether you're speaking of a sports team, a research team, a self-directed work team, a special forces team, a management team — any kind of team which genuinely deserves the name.

In this episode we look at eleven of these essential traits. How many of them are characteristic of the team which you lead or teams on which you serve?