5 Team-Building Essentials

An Interview on Close-Up Television

Mike Armour is a featured headliner on C-Suite Radio

For leaders today, success is a team sport. Increasingly, astute team-building is crucial as a leadership skill.

Given the level of complexity in our world, no one person can master all the nuances of developing new products, bringing them to market, and promoting them effectively. A sustainable, strong market presence requires managers to surround themselves with team-members who possess a wide variety of talents.

Recently I was interviewed about leadership on Close-Up Television. Early in the conversation, the host raised the issue of team-building. In this episode I share a portion of the discussion which followed.

You will hear us talking about why participataive approaches to management have replaced the highly authoritarian styles of the past and why, as part of that change, team-building has emerged as a required leadership skill. We then look at five essentials which leaders must instill in their teams if those teams are to be strong and vibrant.