Tapping Your Team's Full Potential

Removing the Interference that Thwarts Performance

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Mike Armour is a featured headliner on C-Suite Radio

Executives and managers live under constant pressure to improve performance. First, their own performance. Then the performance of their teas.

Forty years ago, in his book The Inner World of Tennis, Timothy Gallwey drew attention to the kinds of interference which thwart our drive to fulfill our potential.

Gallwey zeroed in on internal inteference, rooted largely in the self-deprecating dialogue which often takes over our thinking when we make a serious mistake, fail at an important task, or face a daunting challenge.

In this episode, Dr. Mike shifts the focus to types of external inteference which commonly hold back performance among workers. He encourages managers to make a habit of analyzing poor team performance by first seeking to identify what may be interfering with performance, then moving to eliminate that interference.