Backstories Behind the Conflict in Ukraine

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Mike Armour is a featured headliner on C-Suite Radio

Because of the exceptional response to last week's episode on A Ukraine You Never Hear About, I'm using this week's episode to continue that theme.

In this program I'm seeking to look ahead to anticipate what the future might hold if the Russians win and Ukraine's defenders are reduced to an underground insurgency.

I show how their history and collective memory position them well to form an effective guerilla force which will make Russia's occupation of the country quite costly.

In particular, I examine the propensity in Ukraine for people to be highly improvisational in the way that they approach tasks. I contrast this to the command-and-control approach of the Russian army which discourages independent decision-making and initiative by anyone other than those in the top echelons of pwoer.

I then draw out the implication of these differing approaches to on-the-spot innovation for any insurgency which may ensue.