Ukraine's Battlefield Culture War

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Mike Armour is a featured headliner on C-Suite Radio

Within the larger conflict in the Russian-Ukraine War, another pitched battle is underway. It's a war pf cultures — the authoritarian leadership culture of the Russian military and the collaborative and empowerment leadership culture which the Ukrainians have chosen.

The first seven weeks of fighting in Ukraine have been an amazing case study in how one's choice of leadership styles has telling consequences. The success of the Ukrainians at obliterating Russian equipment and inflicting tens of thousands of casualties has been nothing short of amazing.

But in all of this is a lesson for those responsible for organizational cultures in business and corporate life. In a world that demands speed, agility, and innovation (just as the battlefield in Ukraine requires), authoritarian decision-making is too cumbersome and too destructive of individual initiative to do anything except handicap the oompetitiveness of the organization.