Work Family-Life Balance

A Uniquely Modern Challenge

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Mike Armour is a featured headliner on C-Suite Radio

It's no secret that the modern world has raised significant challenges for maintaining strong families. Not the least of these challenges is the increasing difficulty of maintaining a healthy balance between work and family life.

This was not an issue a few generations back, when most families worked together in whatever enterprise provided the family's income. For some families it was working a farm together. For others running a family-owned store together.

In that world, work time was family time. Modern urbanity, however, has thrust a different reality on us. Today the family splits and goes in different directions at the break of dawn. The family does very little together unless purposeful and intentional planning goes into it.

This episode analyzes the history of how the relationship between work and family life have become divorced in the modern era. It also lays out the need for leaders to do everything possible to accommodate practices which will allow their workers more opportunities for quality family time