Lights Up! It's Showtime for Leaders!

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Mike Armour is a featured headliner on C-Suite Radio

Backstage in a theater, there's a special sense of anticipation in the air just moments before the curtain rises. Everyone knows that the lights on stage are about to come up. It's showtime.

Prior to this moment, every performer has carefully prepared to step on stage. Leaders should follow suit.

For leaders, every day is showtime. They carry out their role before a watchful audience which analyzes their every action and parses their every word. When leaders step on stage, they must evidence the very best version of who they are.

This episode explores the implications of every day being showtime for leaders. The parallels between the work of performers and the work of leaders is striking.

Not that leaders should be performers in the sense of pretending to be someone whom they are not. But leaders, like actors, are judged by their performance. It therefore behooves them to step on stage every day ready to exhibit the best version of themselves.