Leadership in the Corona Pandemic and Beyond

Five Things to Get Right

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Mike Armour is a featured headliner on C-Suite Radio

A protracted crisis like the corona virus pandemic calls for exceptional leadership both globally and at every level of society.

There are no roadmaps for leadership in a time like this. If any moment in history has been rightly described as "unprecedented," this is certainly the moment.

Yet leadership is not left entirely without guidance. History shows us that great leaders, faced with prolonged crisis, have consistently followed five key principles:

  1. Stay visible as a role model for your people.
  2. Find ways to give your people a sense of hope.
  3. Be realistic in sharing your assessments without lapsing into pessimism.
  4. Respect the feelings which your people need to process in adjusting to the crisis.
  5. Spell out specific, concrete actions which people should take in pushing back against the crisis.

This episode expands on all five of these principles and provides practical examples of how great leaders apply them.

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